10 Classic Cars From the ’80s That Are Making a Surprising Comeback

The 1980s: A decade of big hair, neon colors, and some of the most iconic cars to ever grace asphalt. While some of these classics were consigned to the annals of history (or the junkyard), a select few are roaring back onto the scene. Buckle up as we joyride through ten ‘80s cars that are making a surprising comeback, each with its unique blend of nostalgia and quirky charm.

DeLorean DMC-12

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You can’t mention the ’80s without thinking of the DeLorean DMC-12, the stainless-steel beauty with gull-wing doors that were immortalized on Back to the Future. While it might not travel through time, it’s certainly coming back. Collectors and enthusiasts are snatching up these rare gems, and thanks to aftermarket parts and modern tech upgrades, they’re more reliable than ever (just keep it under 88 mph!).

Ferrari Testarossa

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With its wide body and side strakes, the Ferrari Testarossa screamed ’80s excess and luxury. Originally a symbol of Wall Street success, this prancing horse is galloping back into the limelight. Prices are climbing faster than a bull market, and owning one today says you appreciate timeless design and high-speed thrills. Plus, it’s still the perfect car for pretending you’re in an episode of Miami Vice.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

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The Volkswagen Golf GTI was the hot hatch that defined a generation. Affordable, fun to drive, and practical enough to be your daily driver, the GTI is experiencing a resurgence. Modern enthusiasts love it for its blend of old-school charm and sporty performance. It’s like finding out your dad was actually cool back in the day.

BMW E30 M3

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Launched as a homologation special to compete in touring car racing, the BMW E30 M3 wasn’t just any car; it was THE car. Known for its impeccable handling and balance, it’s a highly sought-after collectible. Driving an E30 M3 today is like slipping on a perfectly tailored suit; it feels just right. Enthusiasts restore and modify these classics, blending retro style with contemporary performance upgrades.

Toyota Supra

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Its ’90s successor might have overshadowed the Toyota Supra of the ’80s, but it’s making a big comeback. With its turbocharged engines and a silhouette that screams speed, the ’80s Supra is becoming a favorite among car enthusiasts who appreciate Japanese engineering and love a good tuning project. It’s like the underdog story of the automotive world.

Mazda RX-7

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The Mazda RX-7, with its unique rotary engine, was a marvel of ’80s engineering. Known for its lightweight body and superb handling, it’s a favorite among those who appreciate precision and balance. A new generation of drivers is rediscovering the RX-7, and its distinct Wankel engine ensures you’ll always stand out in a crowd. Just be ready for a few questions at car meets.

Porsche 911 Carrera (964)

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Porsche 911s never really go out of style, but the 964 generation from the late ’80s is particularly beloved. Renowned for its classic 911 silhouette combined with modern advancements like ABS brakes and power steering, the 964 Carrera represents a pivotal era in Porsche’s history. Now, it’s become a hot ticket in the collector car market. The 964 Carrera is like the automotive equivalent of a little black dress: always in vogue, always desirable.

Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

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The Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z was the epitome of American muscle in the ’80s. Named after the International Race of Champions, it boasted V8 power and a design that turned heads. Today, the IROC-Z is experiencing a resurgence, cherished by those who remember its glory days and new fans drawn to its brash, unapologetic style. It’s the car equivalent of a rock anthem—loud, proud, and unforgettable.

Mercedes-Benz 190E

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The Mercedes-Benz 190E might have been the “Baby Benz,” but it packed a punch. Especially in its 2.3-16 Cosworth variant, it was a formidable competitor in touring car races. The 190E is being rediscovered as a classic compact executive car that offers both luxury and performance. It’s like discovering your mild-mannered uncle was a champion boxer in his youth.

Ford Mustang Fox Body

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The Ford Mustang Fox Body wasn’t just a car but a lifestyle. Beloved for its versatility and modifiability, it’s become a darling of the restoration and customization community. Whether you’re looking for a drag strip monster or a vintage cruiser, the Fox Body Mustang is back in a big way. Driving one today is like slipping on well-worn cowboy boots—comfortable, stylish, and ready for action.

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