12 Motorcycles That Offer Extreme Performance Without the Extreme Price Tag

Who says having a tight budget and craving exhilarating performance is a crime?  Throughout the years, several motorcycles have emerged that balance extreme performance without a hefty price tag. These motorcycles are your go-to option, from their aerodynamic design and sleek styling to their roaring performance and fascinating top speed. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology to cater to your needs – without breaking the bank. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, these vehicles provide safety features while prioritizing your comfort. Here are 12 such motorcycles.

Yamaha MT-07 ( $8,199)

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Many enthusiasts praise the Yamaha MT 07 for its powerful engine and agile handling. It features a 689cc liquid-cooled, DOHC inline twin-cylinder engine, producing around 72 horsepower and a top speed of 133 mph. It’s the successor of the Yamaha FZ6, surpassing its braking performance alongside the 41mm telescopic fork, contributing to its stability. Weighing only 183 kg, the Yamaha MT 07, as Motorcycle Consumer News writes, is “remarkable for its smoothness’. ‘

Kawasaki Z900 ( $9,500)

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If you are seeking extreme performance on a tight budget, the Kawasaki Z900 is a great option, boasting a 948cc inline-four engine. It will surely make your presence known because of its esteemed reputation and the hype around this bike. The engine delivers 123 horsepower, and Kawasaki’s KTRC (traction control) allows the rider to choose between three modes with different power options for various riding conditions. The aggressive Sugomi-inspired design, responsive front and rear suspension, and smartphone connectivity make this a commanding motorcycle.

Suzuki SV650 ($7,500)

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One of the earliest models of Suzuki since 1999, this motorcycle was changed from Suzuki SV650 Gladius to Suzuki SV650 in 2016. It utilizes a  645cc, 90-degree V-twin engine, generating 75 horsepower and an additional four horsepower featuring a low RPM assist. This makes the motorcycle more stable alongside its responsive throttle, which is easily suited for beginners. The seat height is also relatively low, ensuring shorter riders do not face any issues. Even the braking system is applauded, consisting of a dual front disc brake system with ABS and 41mm telescopic front forks, making the Suzuki SV650 a complete package.

Honda CBR650R ($9,999)

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Inspired by the CBR1000RR Fireblade, the Honda CBR650R naked bike has a sporty design characterized by full flaring and LED headlights. It is loved by the youth who opt for this sporty character, having a 41mm Showa SFF-BP inverted fork for precise handling. In terms of its engine, this vehicle has a fierce 649cc inline-four engine, which produces 93 horsepower. Features such as the slipper clutch, dual 310mm front disc brakes, and a single 240mm rear disc ensure smooth braking. In this price range, the vehicle stands out with its aggressive styling and performance, adding to its sporty appeal.

KTM 390 Duke ($ 6,200)

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India’s favorite, the KTM 390 Duke, was created jointly by Bajaj Auto and KTM Asia engineers. With its agile body and WP Apex suspension, no other motorcycle in this price range offers the features of the KTM 390 Duke. It is equipped with a 373cc single-cylinder engine and reaches a top speed of 182 km/h. From its smartphone connectivity and ride-by-wire throttle system to the sharp LED styling and ByBre brakes with ABS, the KTM 390 provides an exhilarating performance.

Triumph Trident 660 ($8,500)

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The Triumph Trident’s 660cc inline-three engine triple engine epitomizes extreme performance and class. This beast perfectly balances distinctive power and a low-down torque of 47.2 lb-ft. Even the sound of this vehicle reflects its powerful nature alongside the Showa suspension, adding to its dynamic experience. The brakes are powdered with Nissin calipers, 310mm front disc brakes, and a 255mm rear disc. Overall, this motorcycle, with its traction control, dual riding modes, ABS, and sporty style, delivers an exceptional riding experience.

Yamaha YZF- R3 ($5,500)

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Renowned for its sleek styling and aggressive dynamics, the Yamaha YZF—R3 roars in the supersport world with its 321cc parallel-twin engine. Weighing only 170 kg, it is a lightweight motorcycle that provides easy maneuverability and handling. The upside-down forks and dual disc brakes refine its traction and stability. Inspired by the racing motorcycles of the R series, the aerodynamic design and full LED lighting have been extended to this model, too.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ($8,000)

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The Kawasaki Ninja series is one of the most famous motorcycle series, beginning with the GPZ900R in 1984. There are numerous models, but the Kawasaki Ninja 650 delivers many beneficial features in its price range. Some of these are the 41mm telescopic front fork and a horizontal back-link rear suspension for stability. On the other hand, the dual 300mm front disc brakes and 220mm rear disc help the driver to stop and get a grip when required. The 649cc parallel-twin engine generating 67 horsepower should be enough for off-road and urban scenarios.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 ($6,500)

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Royal Enfield has emerged as a timeless solution, manufacturing some of the industry’s most affordable and powerful motorcycles. The Interceptor 650’s handling, as stated by Motorcycle News, is “fun without being patronizing,” combining modern style with a nostalgic effect. Alongside this vehicle, the Continental GT 650 was launched, with the same 648cc parallel-twin engine and the Interceptor 650 delivering 47 horsepower. There is a profound reason why Royal Enfield sells several units globally, providing extreme performance on a budget.

Ducati Scrambler Icon ($10,200)

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This vehicle derives its name in an attempt to revive the Scrambler motorcycle models from the 1960s, designed for both on- and off-road performance. Available in seven configurations, the Ducati Scrambler Icon has been a good pick even for beginners because of its 41mm inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable rear shock for stability. It has a classy appeal, but the modern 803cc L-twin engine enhances the retro vibe, which delivers 73 horsepower. For buyers seeking a premium build without disrupting the budget, the Ducati Scrambler Icon is a reasonable option.

Suzuki GSX – S750 ($8,600)

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Speaking of extreme performance, the Suzuki GSX S750 offers a thrilling experience with its mighty 749cc inline-four engine dominating the streets. Handling such a beast requires precise handling, so the vehicle is supported by a 41mm inverted front fork and a rear mono-shock. The aggressive styling and bold lines express this motorcycle’s powerful spirit. Whether for daily use or long drives in the outskirts, the vehicle with dual 310mm front disc brakes and a single 240mm rear disc is a safe option.

Honda CB500F ($6,700)

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Drawing the line between affordability and performance, the Honda CB500F is the ideal candidate, known for its smooth and comfortable handling. The 471cc parallel-twin engine manifests an exciting experience on the road, delivering 50 horsepower. Its lightweight body and well-tuned dynamics for suspensions, complimented by the upright riding seats, ensure a comfortable ride. Regarding safety, the anti-lock Brake system (ABS) and an optional quick shifter testify to Honda’s reliability. With minimalist yet full LED lighting and a digital LCD, this motorcycle is a perfect companion for all kinds of trips.

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