Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Ford Bronco

Toyota and Ford are two of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. These automakers have some of the most iconic vehicles that have remained classics for many years. From SUVs to sedans to luxury cars, these manufacturers have mastered creating and designing cars that can last for multiple generations. If you want to buy a new car, you can head into your local dealership, look at the range of cars these automakers produce, and decide. Two of the best cars that Toyota and Ford make include the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Ford Bronco.

Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Ford Bronco

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota, from Japan, is one of the largest automobile manufacturers worldwide, producing some of the world’s biggest and most popular cars, including the Toyota Tundra, the Toyota Tacoma, the Toyota Land Cruiser, and many more. The Land Cruiser is the perfect SUV for explorers and adventurers looking for a vehicle that offers off-road excellence. The car’s exterior comes in various colors perched on top of 20” wheels for the perfect drive even on rugged terrains. It has square side mirrors, athletic fender flares, and the iconic round headlights that can seamlessly switch between low-light and normal driving scenarios. The car has a four-wheel drive system that can provide power to the axles on the car for improved traction and stability. It is equipped with an electronically-controlled 2-speed transfer case, ensuring the right amount of torque in all kinds of driving conditions. The car’s powertrain combines hybrid technology with the turbo 4-clylinger hybrid engine that can generate up to 326 horsepower with 465 lb.ft. of torque and a tremendous towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. The Land Cruiser also has multiple drive modes, providing a smooth driving experience in all situations. It can switch from sport mode for sharper acceleration, to eco mode for maximized efficiency, to normal mode for the perfect blend of fuel economy and performance. The Land Cruiser is also equipped with various technological features that ensure a smooth and safe drive, including a blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and integrated backup camera, a multi-terrain monitor, a pre-collision system, and much more. The interiors have a 14-speaker audio system with multiple wireless features, a 12.3” multimedia touchscreen for infotainment purposes, heated and ventilated front seats, and multiple charging ports.

Ford Bronco

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile manufacturer that produces and sells a range of automobiles, commercial vehicles, and luxury cars. Among many of their top models is the Ford Bronco, the perfect SUV for the family that doubles as the perfect off-roading vehicle. The car has an innovative design, and technology makes it highly durable across all kinds of driving situations. It has a 4×4 powertrain and a terrain management system that ensures smooth driving experiences across various terrains. It is equipped with multiple features to provide the perfect off-roading experience, including steel bash plate protection that protects the fuel tank, the engine, etc., a High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension system, electronic locking differentials, and even a water management system. It has multiple driving modes that ensure a smooth drive over all kinds of terrains, including sand, snow, and mud. The sports mode has an increased accelerator response and improved performance; the eco mode helps to save fuel, while the normal mode is engineered to have the perfect combination of acceleration, practicality, and performance. Other driving modes include slippery, rock crawl, tow-haul, etc. The Ford Bronco has two different models- the two-door two-door and four-door models. Across the different models of the car, the towing capacity ranges from 3,260 lbs. to 4,500 lbs. It has LED headlamps, a rearview camera with backup assist grid lines, rear fender flares, and tie-down hooks. The interior includes a 12” LCD touchscreen, wireless capabilities, seven speakers, and a subwoofer for improved infotainment.

Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Ford Bronco

Both the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Ford Bronco are great SUVs. Each car has its own unique features; however, some of their specs can be compared to help you choose a car that suits your driving needs and expectations. Both cars come in various models. All the models share the specs below for the Toyota Land Cruiser, while the specs for the Ford Bronco include specs shared across all models and the specs for the Ford Bronco Big Bend model.

Toyota Land Cruiser Ford Bronco
Drive 4-wheel drive 4×4
Top Speed 230 mph 114 mph
Horsepower 326 lb. at 6000 rpm Up to 300 on premium fuel
Towing 6,000 lbs. 4,500 lbs.
Cargo volume 37.5 cu.ft. Up to 52.3 cu.ft. on 2-door

Up to 83 cu.ft. on 4-door

Torque 465lb.ft. at 1700 rpm Up to 325 on premium fuel
Wheels 20” 17”
Seating 5 4 for 2-door

5 for 4-door

Ground clearance 8” 8.4”
Display 12.3” touchscreen 12” LCD touschreen



The Toyota Land Cruiser and the Ford Bronco offer great driving experiences to their customers, stylish exteriors, roomy interiors, and innovation. These cars are equipped with various safety technological systems and various driving modes that make driving across some of the most rugged terrains a breeze.

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