Tesla Cybertruck vs F150 Comparison Review

The advent of electric vehicles has enabled automakers to reduce environmental impacts significantly. Companies like Tesla, led by Elon Musk, and Ford, have spearheaded this revolution by introducing high-performance and stylish vehicles. Among their lineup, Tesla’s Cybertruck and Ford’s F150 stand out as top-notch pickup trucks, offering exceptional performance and efficiency. These trucks feature cutting-edge technology, such as hill start assist and side curtain airbags, ensuring safety and convenience. With features like four-wheel drive, heavy-duty construction, and impressive gas mileage, they cater to individuals seeking versatile transportation for various terrains. Moreover, these fully loaded trucks boast ample storage space, tie-down locks, and auxiliary features, making them suitable for work trucks and camper enthusiasts. Whether navigating rugged landscapes or urban streets, these new trucks deliver reliability and style, setting the standard for modern-day transportation.

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150

Tesla Cybertruck

Among the company’s top-performing electric cars is the Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup truck designed to have high performance with a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs., an estimated driving range of 340 miles on a fully-charged battery, and high acceleration capabilities that can go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 2.6 seconds. The Cybertruck also offers fifteen minutes of supercharging, enabling drivers to recover 136 miles of range. This truck has durable materials and an electronically adaptive air suspension that offers up to 16” of ground clearance while traveling through some of the most rugged terrains. The car’s exoskeleton is made of stainless steel, which helps to reduce dents and damages while allowing repairs to be simple and quick. Designed to haul all kinds of materials, it has a 2,500 lbs. payload and a composite bed big enough for construction materials. The car’s headlights are equipped to illuminate a path that can span up to 535 yards to ensure that you always see where you’re driving. The truck’s storage capacity includes a 6’x4’ truck bed, extra room in the front trunk and the car’s roof, a hidden gear locker, and 67 cu ft. of lockable storage. It is equipped with multiple bed and cabin outlets with 120 volts and 240 volts of electric potential, respectively, where you can charge or operate tools. It can even provide up to 11.5 kW of power to your home during power outages. The truck’s interior is designed for comfort with advanced technological features and entertainment. It has multiple front and back touchscreens, 18.5” and 9.4” each, 15 speakers with two dedicated subwoofers for a studio-quality audio system, and a hospital-grade filter that protects from airborne particles. The cabin also has an all-glass roof that allows you to enjoy the sky views at any time of the day. The car’s features make the Cybertruck one of the best electric pickup trucks for drivers looking for practicality and performance.

Ford F150

Ford cars are known for their style, high performance, and durability. The F150 is a Ford pickup truck that is a good competitor of the Tesla Cybertruck. It is built with style to be functional and practical for drivers looking for a sturdy vehicle with plenty of storage space and high performance. The F150 comes in various models, including the F150 Lightning, comparable to Tesla’s Cybertruck. The F150 Lightning is an electric pickup truck with an estimated driving range of 320 miles on a fully charged battery. The truck is built for high speed and acceleration, traveling from o to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It has a towing capacity of up to 8,500 lbs. and a maximum payload of 2,235 lbs. that enables you to haul large and heavy items. This Ford pickup truck has a cargo box volume of 52.8 cu ft. and a front trunk volume of 14.1cu ft., ensuring that you have any storage space with ample room left for passengers to enjoy a drive in the car comfortably. It has a ground clearance of 8.4”, a suspension built with independent double-wishbone and coil-over shock, and a stabilizer bar that enables the truck to provide a comfortable drive over various kinds of terrains. The truck’s interior is equipped with a 12” digital productivity screen for your infotainment needs, an FM stereo, an enhanced voice recognition touchscreen, and a built-in navigation system. The truck also has an intelligent backup power system to power your home during outages. It is equipped to handle fast and practical charging with different charging levels based on your driving needs and what your home is equipped to handle. Like any of the F150 models, the F150 Lightning offers a great range of driving features, but unlike many other cars or pickups, the Ford F150 offers the benefit of a more eco-friendly option for drivers.

Comparing the Two

These trucks have a variety of unique features, and depending on your preferences and needs, you may prefer one over the other. Unlike many other cars, both trucks are built for high performance and style, offering drivers practicality and durability. Comparing the trucks’ specs can give you a better idea of which truck you might prefer.

  Tesla Cybertruck F150
Range 320 miles 320 miles
Charging 15 minutes of supercharging for a range of 136 miles 36 minutes can charge from 15 to 80% of the battery
Acceleration 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds
Drive All wheel drive 4×4
Top Speed 130 mph 110 mph
Towing 11,000 lbs. 8,500 lbs.
Payload 2,500 lbs. 2,235 lbs.
Weight 6,543 lbs. 6,500 lbs.
Cargo 120.9 Cu Ft 52.8 cu ft
Seating 5 adults 5 adults
Ground clearance 16” 8.4”
Display 18.5” center touchscreen and 9.4” rear touchscreen 12” inch digital productivity screen and 15.5” touchscreen


The Tesla and Ford trucks are leading the way for electric trucks, proving that practicality, style, and performance can go hand in hand. Whether off-roading on unfamiliar terrain or on smooth and paved roads, these trucks can provide smooth drives while ensuring that the driver and passengers are comfortable throughout the drive. Both trucks can tow over 8,000 lbs. of weight, hauling all kinds of materials and cargo, and they can travel large distances on a single charge. If you are considering buying a truck or a new car, these trucks are some of your best options.

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