Top 15 Must-See Car Museums Worldwide If You are a Car Enthusiast

Rev up your engines, car enthusiasts, and travel junkies! Fasten your seatbelts for a thrilling ride through the world’s most mesmerizing car museums. We’re going from vintage classics to futuristic supercars. So, let’s shift gears and hit the road on this grand tour. Hold on tight; it will be a bumpy yet entertaining ride!

The Henry Ford Museum, USA

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Location: Dearborn, Michigan Imagine a place where history, innovation, and a dash of American spirit converge. Welcome to The Henry Ford Museum, where you can marvel at the car JFK rode in and the bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on. This museum isn’t just about cars; it’s a rollercoaster through the history of American innovation. Plus, you can say you’ve seen the limo that gave everyone the creeps – the JFK assassination vehicle.

Museo Ferrari, Italy

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Location:Maranello, Italy When in Italy, do as the Italians do: indulge in fast cars and faster food. Opened in 1990, the museum features a vast collection of Ferrari cars, including rare models, F1 racers, and concept cars. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits showcasing Ferrari’s design and engineering achievements and the brand’s motorsport legacy. Highlights include the Hall of Victories dedicated to Ferrari’s Formula 1 triumphs and rotating exhibitions on various themes. The museum also offers driving simulators and guided tours, providing an immersive experience for automotive enthusiasts and Ferrari fans. Don’t worry; they provide tissues for those teary-eyed moments when you realize you can’t take one home.

Porsche Museum, Germany

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Location: Stuttgart, Germany In Stuttgart, the Porsche Museum awaits with over 80 vehicles on display. Each tells a story of precision engineering and the relentless pursuit of speed. Delugan Meissl designed the building’s striking, futuristic architecture. Tourists explore interactive exhibits and learn about Porsche’s engineering innovations, design evolution, and motorsport achievements. You might even ponder existential questions like, “Is there such a thing as too fast?” Spoiler: the Germans don’t think so.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Germany

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Location: Stuttgart, Germany Stuttgart strikes again! This time, Mercedes-Benz is showing off. With nine floors and over 160 vehicles, this museum is like a candy store for car enthusiasts. The museum’s unique cloverleaf design allows visitors to explore the exhibits in chronological order, from the invention of the automobile by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler to modern innovations. Highlights include the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, vintage luxury cars, and cutting-edge Formula 1 vehicles. From the first petrol-powered car to the latest in autonomous driving, it’s a history lesson on wheels. And yes, it’s okay to drool; they have cleaners for that.

Museo Lamborghini, Italy

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Location: Sant ‘Agata Bolognese, Italy Founded in 2001, the museum exhibits an extensive collection of iconic models, including the Miura, Countach, and Aventador. There, you can explore the evolution of Lamborghini’s design and engineering. The museum also features memorabilia, engines, and interactive displays detailing Lamborghini’s contributions to automotive technology. With raging bulls on every corner, this museum showcases Lamborghini’s evolution from tractor manufacturer to supercar royalty. Though they’ve upgraded from tractors, a Lamborghini tractor would be quite the conversation starter.

Petersen Automotive Museum, USA

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Location: Los Angeles, California Hollywood’s glitz and glamour extend to its car collections at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Founded by magazine publisher Robert E. Petersen, the museum features over 300 vehicles spanning 120 years of automotive history. Highlights include iconic cars from movies, rare and classic vehicles, and cutting-edge supercars. The museum’s exhibits are spread across four floors, including a “Vault” that houses rare and unique automobiles. It’s like a blockbuster hit with more horsepower and fewer bad sequels.

National Corvette Museum, USA

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Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky Home to America’s sports car, the National Corvette Museum is a shrine to the Corvette’s legacy. From the first 1953 model to the latest Stingray, it celebrates sleek designs and roaring engines. Plus, you can witness the infamous sinkhole that swallowed eight Corvettes in 2014. Talk about a car enthusiast’s worst nightmare!

LeMay – America’s Car Museum, USA

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Location: Tacoma, Washington With over 250 vehicles, LeMay–America’s Car Museum is one of the largest in North America. It houses classic, vintage, and modern cars, emphasizing their historical and cultural significance. The museum’s collection originated from Harold LeMay, who amassed one of the world’s largest private car collections. Visitors here also enjoy interactive exhibits, rotating displays, and an educational center. It’s where classic cars, custom hot rods, and vintage motorcycles coexist in automotive harmony. Think of it as a Noah’s Ark for car lovers, minus the flood and with more chrome.

AutoWorld, Belgium

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Location: Brussels, Belgium Housed in the historic Cinquantenaire Park, it showcases over 250 vehicles from the late 19th century to the 1990s. The collection includes classic cars, sports cars, and racing models from renowned brands like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Bugatti. The museum highlights the evolution of the automobile industry and its impact on society, showcasing Europe’s rich history. This museum is a continental cruise through time, from brass-era beauties to modern marvels. Plus, it’s Belgium – so you can reward yourself with world-class chocolate after the tour.

Louwman Museum, Netherlands

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Location: The Hague, Netherlands Step into the Louwman Museum and step into over 130 years of automotive history. It showcases over 250 vehicles dating from the late 19th century to the modern era, including rare and iconic cars like the world’s oldest running car, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. The museum is in a striking building designed to evoke classic car styling. Beyond cars, it also exhibits motorbikes, carriages, and memorabilia related to automotive history, including rare gems like the Swan Car. Yes, a car that looks like a swan. It’s weird and wonderful – just like the Dutch.

National Motor Museum, England

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Location:Beaulieu, Hampshire Set in the picturesque English countryside, the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is a car lover’s dream. With over 250 vehicles, it’s a motoring paradise. Highlights include the land speed record-breaking Bluebird and Mr. Bean’s iconic Mini. And let’s not forget, you can enjoy a cup of tea while pondering the merits of British engineering.

Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, Spain

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Location: La Coruña, Spain Spain might be known for its sun, sea, and sangria, but the Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología offers a different delight. This museum houses a collection of historically significant vehicles, each with a story. Established in 1980, the museum also aims to educate the public about scientific principles and their applications in daily life through innovative displays and educational programs. It’s like a tapas menu of automotive excellence – tiny bites of history, each more delicious than the last.

Toyota Automobile Museum, Japan

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Location:Nagakute, Japan In the land of the rising sun, the Toyota Automobile Museum shines brightly. Established in 1989, it houses over 140 vehicles, including rare prototypes, classic cars, and historic models from various brands. The museum emphasizes Toyota’s innovative spirit, displaying significant milestones such as the first-generation Corolla and Land Cruiser. It’s a Zen Garden of cars – serene, beautiful, and meticulously curated. Just don’t try to rake the gravel.

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, USA

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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is where racing history comes to life. Founded by Dr. Frederick Simeone in 2008, the museum focuses on the evolution of sports car design and engineering, showcasing vehicles from the early 20th century to the 1970s. Notable exhibits include Le Mans winners like the 1927 Bentley 3 Liter Speed Model and the 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. With a collection focused on sports racing cars, it’s a tribute to speed and endurance.

Musée de l’Automobile, France

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Location:Mulhouse, France In the heart of Mulhouse lies the Musée de l’Automobile, home to the Schlumpf Collection. Located in the birthplace of the Peugeot brand, the museum is renowned for its comprehensive display of vintage automobiles, including rare models from Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes-Benz. Visitors explore the evolution of automotive design and technology through exhibits highlighting these vehicles’ cultural and historical significance. From luxurious classics to quirky microcars, it celebrates Gallic flair and automotive artistry. And yes, you can end your visit with a croissant. Très bien!

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