Top 10 Most Reliable Family Cars of 2024 — Where Safety Meets Comfort

Safety will always be the primary concern for families when choosing a vehicle. Automakers understand these concerns and provide excellent vehicles with ample space for comfort. These vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features to assist drivers in various scenarios, such as parking assistance, lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, and much more. Here are the top 10 most reliable family cars of 2024.

Toyota RAV4

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There is a reason why the RAV4 has been one of Toyota’s best-selling vehicles for the last few decades. In terms of reliability and safety, the Toyota RAV4 is an excellent pick for family SUVs in 2024, with features such as pre-collision, lane departure, and adaptive cruise control. Advanced safety technologies such as the TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) aim to reduce human error and provide a safe driving environment. With the spacious interior and ample cargo space, there should not be any issues in accommodation.

Honda CR – V

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Speaking of comfort, the ‘CR-V’ in this vehicle stands for ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’. It is one of the best-selling SUVs, widely loved by families globally. The safety features of this vehicle include adaptive cruise control, collision braking, and other departure warnings provided by the Honda Sensing technologies. You can rely on this vehicle for longer trips due to its enormous cabin space, spacious interior, and infotainment systems, which will always cheer you up.

Subaru Outback

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The Subaru Outback combines safety, comfort, and performance with engine options like the 2.5L 4-cylinder (182 hp) and the 2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder (260 hp). The 2024 Outback excels in safety, providing assistance with its EyeSight Driver Assist Technology and lane-keeping assist. Additionally, the all-wheel drive and X mode enhance stability on slippery roads and rugged terrains. The interior is spacious, and the updated Starlink system covers all your multimedia requirements.

Mazda CX-5

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The Mazda CX-5 has been on the market since 2012 and is the first to feature the “Kodo” language design. It has been labeled Skyactiv, indicating increased fuel efficiency and engine output facilities. In addition, it is equipped with Mazda’s i-Activsense safety technology, which further bolsters safety. This car’s suspension technology provides a smooth drive from comfortable Nappa leather seats to a luxurious interior. Moreover, traffic jam assist and driver attention alert features make it perfect even in congested urban commuting.

Kia Sorento

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This midsize SUV offers hybrid and plug-in options for better fuel efficiency, making long drives more convenient for families. The 2024 version includes Kia’s latest UVO link telematics system, which offers many features such as remote start and synchronization for more intelligent driving. The interior is quite airy and can accommodate seven passengers, making it suitable for big families. The panoramic sunroof, traffic alerts, and remote parking assistance increase its appeal where safety is concerned.

Hyundai Tucson

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The design of the Hyundai Tucson is one of the most captivating in the automotive industry, featuring a “jewel-like” grille and dynamic geometric designs. It qualifies as one of the most reliable cars of 2024, having remote parking assist systems and a plethora of safety features under Hyundai SmartSense. The interior is designed for comfort, with great seats, ample legroom space, wireless charging, voice commands, and dual 10.25-inch screens for navigation. Families will not have to worry about rigid terrains because features such as hill start assist and electronic stability control are available.

Ford Explorer

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Comfort has always been at the top of Ford’s list. The Ford Explorer has the new ST-Line trim marked by sportier design elements. It is equipped with the Co-Pilot 360 Driver Assist system, including features such as Evasive Steering Assist to help the driver make quick decisions to avoid accidents. Additionally, it comes with a traffic sign recognition system and an intelligent adaptive cruise control that can adjust the speed according to the traffic situation. These features complement each other, making the spacious Ford Explorer ideal and reliable for families.

Toyota Highlander

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The Toyota Highlander is well known for its advanced TSS (Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+), which encompasses numerous safety features. The TSS’s primary function involves pre-collision and pedestrian detection systems, also available in hybrid models. Moreover, it includes dynamic radar cruise control and steering assist during lane departure, even at full speed range. It is a highly recommended vehicle for families, consisting of an updated infotainment system as of 2024 to keep the kids busy.

Volkswagen Atlas

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The Volkswagen Atlas, a seven-seater SUV, has been named a 2024 Top Safety Pick by the IIHS. Not only have they revamped their interior in 2024 with a 12-inch digital cockpit, but they have also added a new IQ.DRIVE system featuring travel and emergency assistance. Giving the option of folding the 2nd and 3rd row, the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas has 96.6 cubic feet of cargo space. Other comfort options include premium R-Line seats, panoramic sunroofs, and wireless charging facilities.

Chevrolet Traverse

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The third generation of the Chevrolet Traverse gained immense popularity in 2024 due to its upgraded safety features and expansive interior. In terms of performance and comfort, it boasts a 3.6L V6 engine producing  310 hp accompanied by automatic emergency braking. Lane-keeping assist and forward collision alerts add to the layer of safety. It can seat up to eight passengers and has an upgraded 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system alongside an insulated cabin, making it a top family car.

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